The 3M-project has a number of products that are gradually being developed and delivered,


The 3M Toolbox will consist of:


A digital and interactive learning platform for students in grades 3-5 (in the Dutch educational system: grades 5-7) with multilingual material (for a number of project-based elaborations on the theme science and technology) in six languages (Dutch, Frisian, English, Tigrinya, Arabic and Polish). It is developed by the Afûk, a teacher from one of the project schools, researchers and teachers at the Academy of Primary Teacher Education and the lectorate for Frisian and Multilingualism.



An open online platform to share the didactic multilingual education approaches and the accompanying materials. On this platform, the approaches as they are developed will be presented in an orderly manner, for example in the form of "didactic maps" for the teacher, which are tailored to different situations in a classroom where multilingualism is practiced.



Collection of videos with didactic suggestions for multilingual education (in which reading, writing, listening and speaking in different languages occurs in the context of use in education), commented by teachers and researchers (and subtitled in Dutch and English).

Examples of activities divided into 5 categories can be found here: